Enabling better patient safety and improving the productivity for thousands of CRAs (Clinical Research Associates) across the globe.

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Building Great Products

How do you transform a hundred year old pharma company into a modern digital product company?

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Data & Analytics

Moving beyond "dashboards" with tools that improves smart, and timely, decision making

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Improving the engagement and productivity of 35,000 retail reps across the globe... while reducing the cost to deliver our services.

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Design Playbook

Helping inspire a team, and setting clear expectations for work.

PDF of Playbook

Retail Innovation

Using data to derive insights about performance.

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Mia, from Nielsen.

How do you get Sr. level executives to adopt boring old data & analytics tools? Give them more than charts & graphs...

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RJ Mobile

Helping Financial Advisors stay connected with their clients when they're out of the office.

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Transforming (our) Retail Capabilities at Hershey by moving from legacy devices, and tons of paper, to an iPad tool that improved productivity and drove sales.

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Process Improvement

How do you recruit and hire "qualified" teachers for an inner city school district, and make the process great for the candidates?

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