About me

Passionately Opinionated, Admittedly Human

I am highly engaged and spend a lot of time thinking about the work, and bring a number of years of experience to the job, so when I offer an opinion, it’s generally because I’ve thought through things pretty deeply or because I understand the situation really well. I can usually rattle off a number of pros & cons pretty quickly. That said, I’m human, and fallible, and willing to admit when I'm wrong (when the facts change…). If there is a disagreement about something, I try to carve out time to challenge my thinking and consider alternate points of view… 

Need to know

Working with me

I'm an incredible optimist, and believe that most things are possible. When people say that things are hard or can't be done, I want (need) them to explain why. 

I commit to the following, and look for the same in the people I work with:

Some snippets from me on a panel discussion at a Nielsen event. I'm the guy on the right in the white dress shirt. 

~20 things you might not know about me:

You can reach me at jstrande@gmail.com