Role: Design Research, Product Design

Duration: ~8 weeks

Year: 2019

Sadly, I can't share a lot of details about the output of this project.

Prior to my offical start date, I asked if there was any project I could get started on. The initial request for this project was simply to research how Pharma R&D organizations measure performance. As someone new coming in to the company, the idea was to get someone to look at it from an external perspective (as I was new to Pharma). My initial desk research was so well received, that we kicked off a formal project when I arrived.

One of the tricky things about this work was getting time and input from executives.

I treated this like a Design challenge and spent some time considering how to create an engaging experience for executives, and came up with the idea of cards!

I produced a set of 3x5 cards, one for each of the potential measures under consideration and use those to drive the conversation

Sample Card

Sample card with text

These were very well received duting the sesions with executives, a nice mix of playfulness and engagement while being incredibly relevant because of the time invested in coming up with the right list of measures.

After performing discovery, I got to work sketching out how to visualize the information.

As mentioned, I can't really share the outputs from this.